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Discover Alsace Bossue

Alsace Bossue is an area of rolling hills in north-west Alsace which some say looks like the hump on a giant's back.

This part of the Natural Park, where the Lorraine Plateau meets the mountains of Northern Vosges (a certified European Destinations of ExcelleNce), is quiet and peaceful. Alsace Bossue has a rich history and rural heritage. It is full of open, unspoilt countryside with orchards and villages nestling on its hillsides.

You can relax in comfortable accommodation and enjoy the fresh air while being less than an hour from major tourist sites like Strasbourg, Saverne and La Petite Pierre in Alsace; Bitche, Sarrebourg and Sarreguemines in Lorraine; and Sarrebrück and Baden-Baden in Germany.

Alsace Bossue is easily reached by motorway and has frequent, fast, direct rail connections

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