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 Brewery Le 100e singe

The Centième Singe brewery is a microbrewery created in 2020 in the small village of Altwiller (Alsace Bossue). After 5 years of amateur brewing in their kitchen, Hugues and his son Vincent decided to start a microbrewery. A few words about the beers: All the beers are brewed with 100% organic malt. The cane sugar used for the refermentation in the bottle is also organic. The hops are not organic, not by choice but because it is not easy to obtain them. However, it is local (Alsace). The blond, white, amber and I.P.A. are part of the 2020 range.

Opening hours :
vendredi de 18h à 20h et le samedi de 9h à 12h

Type of shop :

Liens réseaux sociaux :
Facebook : www.facebook.com/100emeSinge

Methods of payment :
Credit card

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